Our Story

Once upon a time there was an explorer named Rupert. He was a banker, then a miner, then he fell ill. Not getting much help from the doctors he visited and being a true explorer at heart, Rupert went off on an adventure to find the source of his malaise and how to fix it.

He soon figured out that everything is connected, everything happens for a reason, and that what you think about you bring about. So Rupert thought good thoughts, ate good food and soon started to feel a whole lot better. That’s when he decided that he had most likely become ill so that he could help others feel good too.

The result was FeelGood, a company that tries its best to do as much good as possible. Soon there were other likeminded souls working alongside him, so he built The Energy Works, Jozi’s first true eco-building, to do it in. In addition to being a great place in which to make stuff that helps other people feel good, it collects its own rain water and generates its own electricity so it’s kinder to the earth, and that felt good too. (And, of course, it felt quite good to receive a few green accolades along the way.)

Rupert also wrote a book about his travels, called How to have a Big Life and, remembering what his mother told him about saying something good or not saying anything at all, he decided he would distil the same simple philosophy onto the little cards you’ll find in many of the products he makes; the inspirational quotes in SuperCharge, the calming quotes in SuperChill, the African wisdom quotes in FoodBars and so on. Not forgetting the Daily FeelGood Quotes you can sign up for right here.

Feeling good is a good start, but you have to do good things too. So Rupert decided that his company would give back to society. And that’s what he did. We feel good about giving 10% of our profits to carefully selected African causes that are all about helping others help themselves. We hope that makes you feel good too, whether you buy our products or not.

Rupert’s adventure is far from over, and he’s just brimming with wonderful ways to help the world feel good. So watch this space, as they say … there’s plenty more FeelGood stuff to come!

We hope you enjoy exploring our FeelGood site, and we hope it will inspire you to try our products, support our causes and join our FeelGood Family!