SuperCharge Energy Drink

SuperCharge Energy DrinkSuperCharge Energy Drink is a deliciously revitalising drink packed with some of nature’s best pick-me-ups.

            • Guarana berries – these caffeine-rich berries have been used as an energy restorative for centuries by people living in the Amazon and form the basis of Brazil’s best loved energy drink.
            • Panax ginseng – this has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a natural energy booster, especially for people who are worn down by stress and ill-health.
            • Green tea – contains not only caffeine but a host of other protective nutrients and antioxidants and therefore provides a health-enhancing buzz.
            • Green coffee beans – these are beans which have not yet been roasted and therefore contain higher amounts of protective nutrients as well as caffeine.
            • Beetroot – Beetroot juice has been shown to improve delivery of oxygen to the brain and muscles, improving mental and physical performance.

Caffeine, delivered naturally with additional health-promoting phytonutrients, is a superlative energy enhancer. It improves one’s mood and increases alertness, reaction times, muscle power and endurance while also reducing feelings of fatigue.

And, as you cannot make energy without fuel, SuperCharge Energy Drink contains natural sources of glucose which can be used to generate energy quickly, instantly reviving flagging spirits and energy levels.

To top off this list of natural, energy-boosting ingredients McNab’s has added one of the world’s most loved natural flavours, raspberry, and some bubbles. The result is a deliciously energizing drink, unspoiled by the aftertaste of synthetic flavourings.