Suffering from stress, anxiety, or burnout?

McNab’s SuperChill contains a calming blend of African Superherbs, minerals, and vitamins to take the edge off when you’re stressed and need a clear and calm mind.

It’s sedative-free, works in one dose, and is great for anyone who needs anxiety and stress relief any time of the day or night.

What’s in SuperChill?
African Superherbs Sceletium & Lemon Balm Extract have calming properties to ‘take the edge off’ anxiety and nervousness without making you drowsy.

Vitamin B complex helps relieve stress and anxiety, as well as fortifying the nervous system, improving energy levels and boosting the immune system.

Calcium and Magnesium (Calmag) helps support and balance muscle and nervous function; calcium helps with muscle contractions, while magnesium relaxes the muscles.

Calming Quotes: Each pack contains an added value calming quote.

When can I take SuperChill?

You can take SuperChill any time of the day or night, as it has a calming and focusing effect without making you drowsy. It will not affect your ability to work or get through your day.

How does it work?

It has a unique combination of vitamins, minerals and herbs to relax and calm you while simultaneously focusing and energising you.

What causes anxiety and nervousness?

Anxiety and nervousness are common symptoms associated with the stress and pressure of a busy work schedule, deadlines, burnout, lack of sleep, poor nutrition and other aspects of a hectic, modern lifestyle.

Who should take SuperChill?

SuperChill is safe for anyone who is experiencing anxiety and nervousness associated with stress, from busy executives to sportspeople, and even harried moms.

How safe is SuperChill to take?

SuperChill is safe for anyone from adolescents to adults, even diabetics, vegans and those on long-term medication. It is Halaal certified and free of allergens such as wheat, gluten, corn, soya, dairy, preservatives, artificial colourants and flavourings. Pregnant women should consult their doctor before taking any supplements.

To keep our products as natural as possible our tablets are uncoated. The tablets are hydroscopic in nature and colour variations can occur as a result of moisture absorption.

Pregnant women should consult their doctor before taking any supplements.

The McNab’s FeelGood Absolutely No Nasties™ Guarantee

We promise what is on the outside is exactly what you’ll find on the inside; products made with quality local ingredients, as naturally as possible, to international standards, free from artificial coatings, colourants, flavorings, preservatives and other unhealthy additives. If there is anything we are not doing well or you feel we could do better, please let us know.


As a mum juggling a career and a household, I’m under a lot of stress. I don’t know what I would do without superchill. Somehow it helps to calm my heart and helps fade my anxiety out, keeping me alert and able to make the difficult decisions I’m faced with on a daily basis. Superchill is a lifesaver! – Mandy Pon

When exam or test time comes around, I’m a complete mess. I was looking for something natural to calm me down without making me sleepy when I really needed to focus and that’s when I came across Superchill. I swear I owe it to Superchill for getting me through my last set of exams! Superchill is awesome! – Ayanda Kahnye