McNab’s SuperGuard is a convenient and affordable single dose sachet that provides you with a carefully formulated dose of the vitamins, minerals, and herbs your body needs to fight off colds and flu.

Feeling sick drains your body of precious energy and that is why McNab’s SuperGuard not only boosts your immune system, but it also gives you a much needed boost of energy.

Each tablet contains:

  • Vitamins: A, B, C, D and E
    Supports the body in fighting off the harmful micro-organisms including viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  • Minerals: Copper, Selenium and Zinc
    Essential in maintaining an effective immune system and preventing common viral infections such as colds and flu.
  • Herbs: Sutherlandia and Garlic
    Africa’s most powerful immune-boosting herb, works with the immune system to keep the body clear of harmful micro-organisms.

When can I take SuperGuard?

It should be taken during the early stages of colds and flu or even as a preventative measure to strengthen the immune system for year-round protection.

How does it work?

SuperGuard boosts the body’s immune system to help protect against colds, flu and other viruses.

What weakens the immune system?

A weakened immune system is caused by stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of sleep and exposure to contaminated and unhygienic environments like shopping centres, public transport, office spaces, public eating areas, air conditioner systems, air travel, gym areas or close contact with infected people.

How safe is SuperGuard?

SuperGuard is safe for adults, adolescents, diabetics, people on long-term medication and athletes. It is Halaal certified and free from common allergens including wheat, gluten, corn, soya, dairy, preservatives, artificial colourants, flavourings, sweeteners and no GMO. SuperGuard contains no sugar, is free from any animal by-products and is suitable for Vegans.

To keep our products as natural as possible our tablets are uncoated. The tablets are hydroscopic in nature and colour variations can occur as a result of moisture absorption.


I actually got my whole family to start taking Superguard this year before the winter season started and I’m happy to say that not one of us got sick. It’s now part of our morning routine and it definitely keeps us happy and healthy. – Adinda Blignaut – Johannesburg

As a teacher of young children, I’m exposed to all kinds of nasty germs and whenever I feel a sniffle coming along, I boost my immune system with a dose of Superguard. It’s really helped me and I’ve actually started recommending it to my colleagues! – Nadine Patterson – Johannesburg

I travel a lot for work and because of lack of sleep and jet lag, I often arrive at my destination feeling sick and groggy. Now I take Superguard before I get onto the plane and once I’ve landed and I’m always ready to face any work challenges thrown my way! Thank you Superguard for the much needed boost. – Gavin Ferraris – Cape Town