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The stress of your modern lifestyle can cause micronutrient deficiencies which results in fatigue.

Are you:

Feeling Stressed?

Smoking too much?

Partying too hard?

If you suffer from constant fatigue and are feeling stressed out and anxious, it’s possible that your body is starved of micronutrients, that can result in low energy levels.

McNab’s provide a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, herbs and Omega 3 that eradicates micronutrient deficiencies, restoring balance and energy to your body. There is no crash with McNab’s, only lasting all-day energy.


These days our diets are too high in protein, carbohydrates and trans-fats and as a result of over-processing and over-refining, our food isn’t as nutrient dense as it should be. Even the fruit and vegetables we eat have less vitamins and nutrients than they had a generation ago.

Our bodies require over 20 vitamins and minerals to provide energy for muscles and brain activity as well as all other cellular metabolism. If the supply of one or more of these nutrients are restricted the production of energy is impaired.

The most important nutrients required for energy metabolism include:

  • B complex vitamins
  • Vitamin D
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium

These nutrients are needed to convert food into Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) which is the bodies’ most important source of energy for all cellular metabolic processes. Without ATP, you will feel tired and drained.

With our modern lifestyles, the chances are extremely high that you’re currently nutrient deficient.

McNab’s SuperCharge Energy Tabs provide you with the important vitamins and minerals needed to keep you focused and alert all-day.


Caffeine-spiked beverages and popular energy tonics may give you a temporary lift, however they often cause a fast heartbeat, anxious feelings, shakiness, irritability, nervousness, dizziness and nauseousness.  These caffeine spiked beverages and tonics also leave you feeling more tired than before you used them, due to the crash experienced afterwards.

McNab’s Energy Tabs will sustain your energy levels in a natural way without any of these side effects, keeping you alert and focused for several hours ensuring you get rid of the symptoms of fatigue and live life to the fullest.  #BigLife




  1. When do you recommend I take McNab’s Energy Tabs?
    Any time of the day when you feel tired or need energy.
  2. How often should I take McNab’s Energy Tabs?
    You can take McNab’s once a day.  Or twice, once in the morning and again in the afternoon if it is a particularly “filled to the brim day”.
  3. Will McNab’s Energy Tabs keep me awake?
    No, because it does not contain any stimulants, you can take it before you go to sleep and you will wake up feeling rejuvenated.
  4. Will I crash?
    No, because there are no stimulants and it is a slow release of energy.
  5. Can I use McNab’s Energy Tabs for a hangover?
    Yes! McNab’s is perfect for a hangover as it puts all the nutrients back into your body assisting you with the effects of too much alcohol.
  6. How late in the afternoon can I take McNab’s Energy Tabs?
    You can take McNab’s anytime of the day and still have a restful night’s sleep.
  7. Can I use McNab’s Energy Tabs on an empty stomach?
    We recommend that you take McNab’s after a meal as the Vitamin B can make you feel a little nauseous.
  8. If I am a vegetarian, can I use McNab’s Energy Tabs?
    Unfortunately not, this is due to the Omega 3 derived from fish oil.
  9. Do you have gelatin in your product?
    Yes, however our product is still 100% halaal.
  10. Can I use McNab’s Energy Tabs every day?
    McNab’s is a nutritional supplement and can be taken every day. Your body takes the nutrients it requires and flushes out the rest.
  11. Are there any side effects?
    No!  Only lasting all-day energy.
  12. Can children use McNab’s Energy Tabs?
    We recommend children over the age of 12 use McNab’s.
  13. Will McNab’s Energy Tabs help with my child’s concentration?
    McNab’s will improve concentration as it contains Omega 3.
  14. How long does McNab’s Energy Tabs take to work?
    The effects of the Vitamin B works within half an hour, and you will feel your energy levels improve as the day goes on.

We are manufactured in a pharmaceutical facility to GMP standards.


McNab’s is a godsend. I was ill and got medication, but it wasn’t working. My husband bought me McNab’s and it’s changed my life. I can feel the changes in my body – I wake up and I feel excited. Now I’m choosing to live my life to the fullest & I have McNab’s to thank.– Mrs Lorraine Hendrik

I saw a box of Mcnab’s Energy Tabs on the counter & bought a sachet of these pills. What a difference they’ve made! I find that I can focus and concentrate more now & the knots in my shoulders and neck have gone away. All Hail McNabs!
 – Richard van Zyl

I suffer from M.E. / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and depression. I have found your ‘McNab’s Energy Tabs’ to be an amazing way of getting a quick boost of energy!
– Mrs. S. Friedman

I just want to say thank you for the McNab’s Energy tablets, they are fantastic. My husband and I regularly buy them, we feel fantastic the whole day long… well done for having such a brilliant product.
 – Mechelle Ciutto

I am a mother of 3, work full-time & study part-time. McNab’s Energy Tabs made quite a difference, I went and got more! Thank you for a superb product, gosh, I sound like I am doing a commercial!– Cheryl-Anne Kannemeyer (H.R & Training Manager)

I really love McNabs Energy tabs, it gives me so much energy during the day. I can’t tell what I difference it has made, I feel like a brand new person. My husband is also enjoying the new me!
 – Christine Iliadis (Golf Pro)

I must let you know, today was the first time I used this product and I feel absolutely wonderful. I’m not tired and I am full of energy. Thanks a million!
 – Magda Prinsloo

My life and health status changed within weeks. No colds, no flu, no aches, no pains and a lot of energy. Keep up Mcnabs your product is great!!!!!
 – Trudie (Business Women)

I am using McNab’s Energy Tabs every day to make sure that I get all the vitamins and minerals I need for my very demanding training schedule and I can already feel more energy since I started using them.– Lucie Zelenkova (Triathlon coach, Pro Athlete)

Using the Energy Tabs every morning has been important too. This cocktail of essential vitamins and minerals is very important for my body especially as I do at least two hours of triathlon training every day.
 – Raymond Prout-Jones (Managing Director – Cresta)


Buy today and save 33% off the convenience store price


receive a FREE special gift

of a deck of 30 motivational cards

to the value of R150.00

You can now have 100% Natural Stimulant Free All-Day Energy delivered to your door. The box of 30’s will last you a month and guarantees that each day you have the energy to live life to the fullest. #BigLife

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  • living hectic lifestyles, travellers and sport enthusiast.
  • 100% money back guarantee. If the product does not work for you, send it back and we will give you a full-money back refund. No questions asked.


Feeling uncertain? Not sure if this is the solution for you? We will refund you in full if this product does not deliver you with all day energy.

All you need to do is return the unused sachets to us and we will refund you in full.